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Should I Landscape My Rental Property?

A lot of people purchase investment properties with the end goal of renting them in mind. Most of these properties are considered an investment because the buyers understand the potential to make money once they put some good hard work into them. It’s not uncommon for a “good deal” to require things like new flooring, paint, maybe some drywall and even plumbing or electrical work. A lot of the times if the house was in this kind of shape chances are the yard wouldn’t look much better.

If you want to know if you should landscape your rental then the answer is yes! Landscaping is sort of like the icing on the cake. If you have spent time and money getting a home ready for renters, you need to make sure yard looks just as nice. Curb appeal plays a big part of the emotional process of choosing a place to live, and a great yard can really put people over the edge when it comes time to make a decision.

What if I Don’t have Much Experience Landscaping?

If you are feeling a bit inexperienced with landscaping then you should hire professional landscapers to do the work for you. While it is cheaper to do it yourself, with a professional landscaper you know the job will be done right which can save you money in repairs down the road. If you are using a separate property management company you can speak with them to get recommendations of pre-approved contractors to help you with the landscaping.

Another option would be to submit your needs into a website like Bid Boomerang. Their system allows you to get multiple bids from pre-approved contractors to help you with landscaping in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and other Arizona cities.

Marketing Your Property

After all your hard work preparing your rental for new tenants, it’s important that you know how to market your property and manage it effectively. The best way to cover all your bases is to hire a local property management agency. They will have the experience you can rely on to get high quality tenants into your rental faster.

At RPMĀ  East Valley we specialize in property management for Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Phoenix, Scottsdale and many other Arizona locations. We can help you make your rental investment a success with complete turnkey property management. Call today, (480) 719-1243