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Pros and Cons of a Property Management Career

Deciding on a career is tough.  It is one of the hardest decisions that most people have to make.  Many people have a hard time trying to determine what they want to do as a career, for the rest of their lives.  It is hard to find a career that you will enjoy and that you’re naturally talented at.  Many people have a hard time narrowing down the options.


One of the new up and coming industries is that of property management.  More and more people are going into a property management career.  Property managers are becoming more popular.  Here are some pros and cons for selecting this career.


A big pro for being a property manager is that you will be in high demand.  There is not an overwhelming amount of people who are trained and experienced as property managers.  So, those who do go into the field usually have many opportunities for jobs.  Most people with this degree do not have a problem finding or keeping a job.   Another pro for this career is that you have many different companies to work for.  More and more companies are hiring property managers to manage their properties and facilities.   Also, some people start their own property management companies. This is a good option.


One con for being a property manager is that it can involve long and inflexible hours.  Whenever there is a problem, or something happens onsite at the property, the manager will likely have to be there, even if it’s in the middle of the night.  Also, many property managers have to work some weekends, especially if the facility is open on those days.  Another con is that there may not be too many opportunities to advance and be promoted.  The opportunity for advancement is just not as prevalent in this field.


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