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Identifying Features of Arizona Homes: Part Three

This blog post is a continuation of our multi-sectional piece about identifiable features of homes in Arizona and the surround. Every region in the United States is known for specific styles and philosophies of home-building, that typically are distinct from neighboring regions. Homes are built to accommodate for the particular challenges of an area, as well as take advantage of its perks. Listed below is one of the architectural trends occurring in the Southwestern U.S. due to the abundance of sunlight.

Exterior Emphasis:  Shade

With one of the five “C’s” of Arizona being Climate (the other four being Copper, Cattle, Cotton, and Citrus, for those who were Curious…), the southern portion of the state boasts six to eight months of daytime temperatures above 90 degrees consistently. With shady trees and foliage growing rarely in the dry, arid climate, structures themselves are the primary sources for shade to their residents. Consequently, exterior architecture commonly utilizes shade-providing components, such as overarching entryways, covered porches, and east-west wall positioning to combat the afternoon sun (the hottest of the day). Furthermore, decorative trees place strategically in line with large windows and sliding glass doors help keep air conditioning bills to a minimum.