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RPM East Valley’s Clint Rowley named as finalist for ASU’s Spirit of Enterprise Award

For the second year running, Clint Rowley, owner of Real Property Management East Valley, has been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious “Spirit of Enterprise” Award. Put on by Arizona State University, and sponsored by the likes of SRP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Edward Jones, the award honors individuals and firms for high-caliber excellence in entrepreneurship, resulting in positive cultural impact both internally and community-wide.

spirit award

Clint Rowley and the other nine finalists will be celebrated at JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix on Friday the 22nd of November. For the full published article and additional information, click here.

Real Property Management East Valley is honored to provide high quality services, and is thrilled to have Clint as a finalist for this award and event. This could not be done without our clients, employees, friends and family. Thank you!


Identifying Features of Arizona Homes: Part Four

This fourth of four RPM East Valley blog posts completes the discussion of architectural and structural trends that are found primary in Arizona and the rest of the Southwestern United States. Known for warmer temperatures, lower precipitation amounts, prevalent sunlight and fewer seasonal changes, houses are often crafted with

  1. Shade as an emphasis of the exterior structure (resulting in roofed porches, covered entryways, etc.)
  2. Flat or nearly-flat roofing shapes (in the effort to not have to air condition unnecessary attic space)
  3. Horizontal space usage (rather than vertical, thanks to the abundance of open space), and
  4. Stucco as a building material

Unfamiliar to many home owners, particularly from outside of Arizona, Stucco is comprised of a mixture of cement, lime, sand and water, typically making up the outer layer of a homes exterior walls. This is heavily used in Arizona primarily because of its strong resistance and durability against the intense heat and sunlight, creating a more insulated home to keep an air-conditioned home insulated. Economically, Stucco is cheaper than most other similar materials, and is easier to apply. Additionally, because Stucco is partially made of concrete, it is also more fireproof than virtually all alternatives.

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