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Boosting Investment Power, Part Three: Job History

This blog post is a continuation of RPM East Valley’s prior posting, “Boosting Investment Power, Part Two: Debt-to-Income Ratios”. This discussion includes methods for clients both current and future to strengthen their monetary prowess. To start this blog post from the introduction, click here.

Job History

A common notion exists that simply the level of one’s income is the primary or sole contributor to one’s investment power. Although how much money a household brings in during a month or year is certainly a significant factor, investment ability revolves around one’s ability to use their income effectively and consistently first and foremost.

Lenders, creditors and other involved users of real estate focus in on the reliability of an individual to be able to pay down a debt. Above all else, there needs be an established, unquestioned understanding that payments will be made…on time, and in full.

Consequently, more than just raw income is factored in. One of the supporting data points is job history: how long an individual have worked at their current place of employment. There are many successful real estate users who, in the effort to show consistency in their employment, stay at one job longer than they normally would in order to establish viability in the workplace. As a rule of thumb, many lenders recommend trying to work for the same employer for at least two consecutive years before trying to swing larger real estate ventures.


2013 Spirit of Enterprise Winner!

Real Property Management East Valley is proud to announce that our very own, Clint Rowley, has been named a winner of the 2013 Spirit of Enterprise Award! Every year, 600 of the top entrepreneurially-minded individuals are brought together to showcase their local and regional companies that “exhibit the cornerstone attributes of Spirit: Ethics, Energy and Excellence in Entrepreneurship.” – W.P. Carey School of Business



To view of video of Clint and the other winner click here.

Again, congratulations to Clint for all his hard work! We’re proud to be part of the team!