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Neighbor Danger: RPM Survey Reveals DIY Landlords May Put Neighborhoods at Risk

Independent research of Do-It-Yourself landlord practices recently conducted by Liminality, Inc. have acquired some disconcerting facts:

  • Only 44 percent conduct sex offender checks
  • Only 51 percent conduct criminal background checks
  • 23 percent ‘sometimes’ or ‘never’ conduct credit checks
  • 51 percent contact past landlords for references

The research also cites a professional study performed by the Bureau of Justice, indicating high rates of recidivism, or continued foul play amongst criminals previously arrested…76% to be exact. Addressing this issue is Don Lawby, President of Real Property Management:

“We are very surprised to learn many DIY landlords are not disciplined enough to routinely conduct background checks. Not only are they risking an expensive investment in their property, but they could also being of their neighbors. The bottom line is if DIY t have the time or resources to screen tenants, they should consult a property management company that can do it for them.”