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What Do Your Paint Colors Say About You?

It can be difficult to select paint colors when it’s time to paint in between tenants. There’s an unlimited number of colors available, but which one will send the right message about your home? Will the color you choose determine your tenants? The answer is yes!

The color or colors you paint your home can greatly sway prospective tenants. This applies to not only the exterior color of the home, but the interior walls as well. The moment a potential renter walks into your home, they will have to decide if they can see themselves living there. this is is your house, but they need to feel like it’s their home.

That’s why color choice is everything. Colors evoke feelings and very easily make or break a prospective tenant’s decision. That’s why you will usually see rental properties with neutral colored walls. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are some painting tips to help you attract the right renter for your home!

– Do choose neutral colors that will appeal to everyone. Taupes, light greens and off white colors lend themselves best as a blank canvas. You want to make sure that anyone touring your property can envision themselves and their belongings there. Vibrant colors can clash with the color scheme they have in mind and immediately cause them to have second thoughts.
– Do decide if you will let tenants do their own painting. That could be a deal breaker and letting them know that they will be able to customize the wall color can help them envision their own personal style. Also include this in the lease with instructions about returning the home back to your desired colors if necessary.
– Do give your tenants the name and brand of the paint you choose and consider leaving some for touch ups throughout their lease.

– Don’t go too dark or too light. Dark colors make rooms feel smaller and enclosed. Stark white walls are uninviting and can deter a tenant from renting simply because white is hard to maintain.
– Don’t choose personality specific colors. If it’s a color that could exclude some potential renters, don’t do it! For example, don’t choose pinks, purples or blues that would only appeal to certain people. Neutrals are the way to go for rental homes.
– Don’t use flat paint. It’s incredibly hard to clean and scuffs easily. Paint with a slight sheen will allow your tenants to keep up the paint easily.

As a rental management agency, we can recommend paint colors that are sure to be a hit with the prospective tenants we provide. We also complete the painting and other maintenance that can be a burden to homeowners.

For information on our rental property management services, call 480-719-1243.

Don’t Forget These Small Repairs Between Tenants

The great part about using a rental management agency is the peace of mind and ease of owning a rental property. We do all of the dirty work for you so you can focus on other aspects of your life. One of the things we handle is the upkeep and presentation of your home for new tenants.

From repainting to making repairs, we do it all. You won’t have to lift a finger. You can rest assured that your home will be taken care of, both primped and primed, until it’s ready for the next tenant.

There are some minor repairs that get overlooked when preparing a home for the next renters. Here are a few that we have seen fall through the cracks.

  • Doorknobs – Do all the doorknobs work properly? Can the tenant easily lock and unlock their home? Will they have privacy in the bathroom? These are all questions you should ask yourself before dubbing your house rent-ready. Do a once over, testing all of the doorknobs throughout the home.
  • Windows – Make sure all windows are in good condition. Every lock should work properly. If there aren’t locks, we recommend getting them. The added security will make tenants feel safe.
  • Garbage disposal – The last thing you want is to have to send a plumber to your home because the garbage disposal is full of food and won’t work. It’s far cheaper to do preventative maintenance on plumbing rather than paying for the problems later.
  • Dryer lint trap – It can be quite a turn off to prospective tenants if little details haven’t been taken care of. The dryer lint trap can often be overlooked. Your new tenants won’t want to find lint from the previous tenants during their first load of laundry. Make sure it’s cleaned out and working properly as dryers can be dangerous if lint isn’t being gathered correctly.
  • Leaky faucets – Even if it’s one small drip, fix it! The wasted water can add up and can eventually take a toll on your sink and the hardware.
  • Running toilets – Like the leaky faucets, toilets that run after flushing or toilet handles that get stuck can run water bills higher than usual as well. It’s an inexpensive fix that will save you a call from the tenant down the line.

When you’re looking to rent your home, preventative maintenance is imperative. The more you can avoid larger issues, the better. Small fixes can save you money down the line and minimize the number of maintenance issues your tenants will have throughout their lease.

By hiring a rental management agency, you can forgo the time it takes to address repairs. That’s where we come in! Rest easy knowing your rental property is in good hands. For information on our rental management services, call 480-719-1243.