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Preparing a Rental Property for a Showing

You’ve listed your rental property as available, and you got a call! The showing is scheduled and you’re excited to have a potential tenant for your space.

So how do you make sure that your rental property is putting its best foot forward at that showing? Here’s a quick checklist to help out.

Clean it up

Hopefully it goes without saying, but any trash left behind from previous owners needs to be removed. You should also clean floors, carpets, windows, mirrors, countertops, and other prominent surfaces.

Double check fixtures

Do a quick check of lights, faucets, smoke detectors, and major appliances (if included). Make sure that everything is functioning properly so that you aren’t embarrassed on showing day.

Test A/C and heating

Your tenants will most likely want to know if these systems are working. Make sure they are to make sure your potential tenant is impressed.

Breathe it in

You want your property to smell clean and inviting. This means eliminating any unpleasant odors. However, it also means not overdoing it when it comes to scented products. Synthetic scents can be highly unpleasant to some people. Try to create a subtle, pleasant smell that is homey and welcoming. If all else fails, open a window to let fresh air circulate.

Set the stage.

If your property is furnished, take some time to make sure that the furniture is staged attractively. Make sure it is all clean, of course, but also pay attention to the arrangement and appearance of the furniture. If anything is majorly worn, replace it. Also, things like fresh flowers can create a positive ambience in a home; add some to give your property an extra boost!

Don’t forget curb appeal.

Landscaping and outdoor paint will be the first things your potential renter will notice. Make sure the exterior of the home looks well-kept and polished by cutting grass, raking rocks and/or leaves, trimming bushes, sweeping walkways, and touching up paint. Make the first impression a good one!

Be professional

This is more about you than your property, but it’s still good to keep in mind. Arrive on time for the showing, and try to remember the potential tenant’s name. Be willing to walk through the property with them to showcase its best features, but also allow them time to themselves; this will make it easier for them to envision the property as their own. And of course, make sure they know how to get in touch with you when they decide that this is the home for them!

Preparing your rental property for a showing can be overwhelming, and that’s only part of your job as an investment property owner. To ease the burden, consider hiring a property management company to help keep your investment property occupied with great tenants. It’s a great way to profit from your investment without dealing with a lot of the hassle. Contact Real Property Management at 480-719-1243 today to learn what this amazing service can do for you.

Attracting Tenants You Actually Want to Your Rental Property

When it comes to renting out your property, what could be more crucial than finding the right tenants? These are the people that are going to be living in your property, paying you rent, and (hopefully) taking good care of your investment. Finding the best possible renters is essential to making sure that your investment property is successful and profitable.

Perfect tenants may seem like a “unicorn” concept, but there are several things that you can do to attract fantastic tenants to your property. Here are some of them:

  • Be prompt and responsive. Nothing is more frustrating to responsible renters than a landlord who is difficult to communicate with. Good renters will be good communicators, so make sure you mirror that behavior. When scheduling showings or answering other questions, be quick to respond and as helpful as possible. If this is a struggle for you, consider using a rental property management company to help you stay on top of everything.
  • Be fair in negotiations. Good renters are going to be fair to you, so make sure you are fair to them. Listen to their concerns about property condition or lease terms, and where possible, try to work things out with them. Being a fair landlord is going to make your tenants more likely to take care of your property, not to mention making the whole relationship much more pleasant. It really is a two-way street!
  • Advertise in the right places. Think about who your ideal renter is, and consider where they might look for prospective rental properties. Online ads are convenient and have a wide reach, but will often get you any and all types of applicants. If you can narrow your focus, do it! It will help to vet out possible tenants before you even have to do any work.
  • Put your property’s best food forward. From the ad to the showing, make sure that your property is presented in an attractive light. Focus on its great features and characteristics; if you can, focus on the “feeling” of the home and try to help applicants envision what a great life they’d have while living in your property. For showings, make sure that the property is well-kept and clean. If you’ll be showing the property while occupied, do your best to communicate to the current tenants your appreciation for keeping the property in good shape for a showing.


These are just some of the many ways that rental property owners can find (and keep) great tenants. If you’re interested in more tips, or just need someone to take some of these tasks off your plate, Real Property Management has years of experience helping property owners make the most of their investments. Contact us today at 480-719-1243 to get started on the road towards the best tenants you’ve ever had.