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Tile, Hardwood, or Vinyl?

Man Installing Queen Creek FlooringWhen it comes to flooring materials for your Queen Creek single-family rental property, there are several options available. The most common and popular flooring types – tile, hardwood, and vinyl – are at the top of most property owners’ lists. But if you’re trying to decide on just one, that can be somewhat of an issue. Tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring each have both pros and cons. Knowing what those pros and cons are can help you make the best flooring decision for your properties.


There is something timeless about a tile floor, which explains why it remains one of the most popular choices. Tile has a whole lot of benefits, such as long-lasting durability, and high levels of water resistance. Tile also comes in many different colors, sizes, and styles, making it possible to make your floors as ordinary or as embellished as you want. Repairing and replacing tile is a relatively trouble-free endeavor since individual tiles can often be removed and new ones put in their place. One last point, tile tends to be more affordable than hardwood, and typically requires less maintenance than hardwood, too.

It doesn’t imply that tile doesn’t have any disadvantages at all. Despite that the tile itself will no doubt last for years, that is only true if it is properly maintained. Some kinds of household cleaners can damage certain types of tile. On the other hand, tile grout will get stained and dirty over time and will need to be cleaned or replaced and re-sealed to sustain its perfect condition. In the long run, it’s really good to keep in mind that replacing an entire tile floor can be tough work, and tile availability does change after a time.


The beauty and warmth of a hardwood floor is unrivaled. That’s exactly why hardwood is such a popular choice for property owners. Like tile, hardwood tends to be durable and can last a very long time with proper maintenance. With quite a lot of various wood options, it can also add value to your property, not to mention attract tenants who are looking for an upgraded rental home.

Having said that, the biggest disadvantage to hardwood has to be the price. It is definitely one of the most expensive types of flooring around, partly because it requires skilled installation. Hardwood floors are also more at risk for water damage, stains, and wear, so regular maintenance is very essential. Harsh chemicals and cleaners can damage a wood floor, which means you’ll need to ensure your tenants know how to care for it the appropriate way. More than that, you would need to budget funds for refinishing your property’s wood floors every few years to ensure that it maintains long-term appeal.


While tile and hardwood are both great options for rental property owners, vinyl flooring is by far the most well-known selection. There are countless arguments for this, starting with the cost. Vinyl tends to cost less than either tile or hardwood but still offers a broad array of colors, styles, and options. Property owners also like vinyl because it is sort of hassle-free to replace and repair if needed. Vinyl planking, in particular, can be repaired in small sections without needing to replace the entire floor. Vinyl is also easy to keep clean and can withstand a significant amount of water damage.

There are several solid reasons to think carefully before installing vinyl, however. Vinyl floors are often easily gouged or scratched, especially if a tenant moves heavy furniture without protecting the floor underneath. Vinyl works well in some rooms, but some tenants may not like vinyl in every room of the house. Likewise, as with tile and hardwood, it is possible to damage vinyl by using the wrong cleaning solution so that tenants would need detailed guidance on vinyl floor maintenance.

While tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring are popular for a good reason, each comes with disadvantages that have to be taken into account meticulously. Once you have done so, however, it can make choosing the right flooring for your rental property a swift and no-sweat process.

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